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Talk psychology counseling offers clinical psychology practices that offer evaluation assessment and treatment to children, adolescents and adults. The services are customized to suit the particular need of the client to help get desired results in the short period of time. Our goal is to help our clients to achieve personal goals lead successful lives and become more confident in managing their unique areas of difficulty. We ensure that counseling is provided in secure, and privacy of the client is protected at all cost. No details of the discussions or treatment will be shared with any third party without the consent or knowledge of our client. The psychological services are needed by those who are facing issues of behavioral problems adjustment problems emotional problems or mental issues.

The behavioral issues include being aggressive, adamant, stubborn, temper, tantrums, hitting and disobedience and hitting other kids in schools. The adjustment problems range from stealing, bad company, lying, spending more and talking too much over the phone, to showing off, to any related adolescent adjustment problem. The emotional issue for children and adults may be different. In case of children the emotional problems are exam phobia, pains, headaches, fits psychogenic aches, depression, fears, bed wetting, thumb sucking, nail biting or involuntary movement neck, eyes, facial muscles etc. Academic problems hyperactivity weak attention concentration issues to name just a few make it necessary to seek the services of the top psychologist counselor in East Delhi

Women young girls and working ladies experiencing sexual abuses, mental and physical abuses or dealing with any kind of trauma must take the psychological help to self-heal and successfully overcome the trauma. The psychological services are provided in one to one sessions with the client in relaxing and calm environment. The sessions are private and client can talk freely without any inhibition. We also conduct comprehensive psychological testing to assess adaptive, cognitive social and emotional functions to understand strengths, weakness, IQ,personality traits behavior and symptoms of our patient.